Privacy Policy

In dealing with personal information, FUJI CREATIVE CORPORATION., In accordance with the purpose of the "Personal Information Protection Law", establishes the basic policy as follows, and has awareness as a member of the Fuji Sankei group, to protect personal information.

April. 1, 2001

Purpose of use

We will clarify what to use for handling personal information in new business or existing business.

Proper acquisition and notice of purpose of use

We will acquire personal information in the correct way, to the extent necessary, and notify or publicly announce the purpose of use to the person.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We will endeavor to ensure compliance in the handling of personal information.

Safety management measures

We will maintain the accuracy of personal information, build a thorough protection system to ensure that it will not be lost, falsified or leaked, and will strictly manage it.

Supervision and awareness of employees, contractors

We will inform all persons involved in business about correct handling of personal information, and conduct necessary supervision, training and education.

Restrictions on the provision of third parties

We will not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the person in principle.

Request for disclosure etc., handling of complaints

We respond in good faith to requests and complaints from the personal information of personal information.

Publication of facts such as leaks

We will take appropriate measures promptly in the event of leakage of personal information.

Shared use

When the Company shares personal information with a specific person such as an affiliated company and an agency, we take measures such as notifying the person in advance or easily knowing it when using it in a shared manner.

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