Don't Call it Mystery / 映画 ミステリと言う勿れ

One day, a talkative college student with a natural perm, Totonou Kunou (Masaki Suda) visits Hiroshima for an art exhibition, and there meets a teenage girl, Shioji Kariatsumari (Nanoka Hara), who says she is a friend of Garo Inudo (Eita Nagayama). “Would you work for me? Lives and money are at stake. I’m serious.” She offers Totonou a part-time job, which turns out to be related to the succession of an enormous inheritance. There gather four heir candidates, who are grandchildren of the family head, Shioji, Rikinosuke (Keita Machida), Neo (Riku Hagiwara) and Yura (Ko Shibasaki), and a grandson of the family lawyer, Asaharu (Kouhei Matsushita). To receive the inheritance, they try to solve a mystery written in a will saying, “In each storehouse, what it is supposed to be should be where it is supposed to be. Neither too much nor too little. / Put the right amount what should be where it should be in each storehouse.” However, the inheritances of the Kariatsumari family have shady backgrounds: Someone ends up dead in every inheritance. Shioji’s father was also killed with other beneficiaries in a traffic accident 8 years ago.
The “truth” hidden in the inheritance is gradually unveiled.
There exist the dark sides and secrets of the family that have been passed down for generations.

Dr. Coto's Clinic 2022 / Dr.コトー診療所 2022

Shikina Island is a beautiful island located on the western edge of Japan. Kensuke Goto (Dr. Coto) came from Tokyo 19 years ago to this isolated island, 6 hours by ferry from the mainland. Since then, he has been the only doctor on the island and has borne the responsibility for the lives of all its residents.. Over the years, the islanders have come to trust Coto, and Coto has come to trust them. He has become an irreplaceable presence and family member to all.. A few years ago, he married Ayaka Hoshino, a nurse who has supported Coto for many years, and Ayaka is now seven months pregnant.  Together with Ayaka’s parents, Shoichi and Masayo,  fisherman Gori Hara, former head fisherman Shigeo and his friends, Mariko, who runs a bar, and Wada, who helps out at the clinic, they live a peaceful life on the island.


Now in2022, Shikina Island, like many other rural areas in Japan, is experiencing depopulation and aging. Despite this,somewhere in the back of their minds the islanders are thinking, “Well, Coto is here, so everything will be all right”. Coto is now 52 years old. The blue sea, the horizon, the sounds of the waves and the stars in the night sky remain the same, but the island itself is changing little by little. No one has yet noticed a change creeping into Coto’s peaceful daily life…

Ichikei’s Crow – The Movie / 映画 イチケイのカラス

Two years have passed since Michio Irima left first criminal court (commonly known as “Ichikei”). Michio is transferred to Setouchi in Okayama Prefecture, where he is assigned to an assault case involving the youngest Minister of Defense in history. His investigations lead him to look into a collision incident involving an Aegis warship, but the details of the ships voyage are a national secret. Michio is now faced with anadversary upon which the threat of  “official authority” does not work.. Meanwhile, Chizuru Sakama, who has tried numerous cases with Michio, is working as a lawyer in a neighboring town under a work experience program. There, she takes on a case involving a large local company which supports the whole town, but not all is as it seems…

Between these seemingly disparate cases, a shocking truth arises.  Are they opening a Pandora’s Box that was best left alone?!


SIGNAL The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit / 劇場版 シグナル 長期未解決事件捜査班

When officer Kento Saegusa (Kentaro Sakaguchi) picks up a dusty old police radio that’s about to be scrapped, it brings him into contact with Takeshi Oyama (Kazuki Kitamura), a hot-blooded detective from the past. These two detectives, one from the past, one from the present, have worked together to solve countless cold cases. Now, they’re back together once more! In the year 2021, a shockwave will hit Tokyo! A car carrying a high-ranking government official falls off the freeway. Kento Saegusa, a member of the Cold Cases Unit, suspects that the accident may have been a set-up. Meanwhile, in 2009, two high-ranking government officials are killed in a series of traffic accidents! The police pronounce the deaths as accidental, and Takeshi Oyama is the only one with any suspicions… Crackle… crackle… crackle… At 23:23 PM, the old radio begins to buzz once more… This time, Takeshi and Kento are forced to go up against corruption in their own home: the police force. Will they be able to solve this complex case? And this time, will they finally be reunited?

Daughter of Lupin The Movie / 劇場版 ルパンの娘

The L Family’s final score.

Hana Mikumo (Fukada Kyoko), daughter of the “L family”, a family of thieves,
unexpectedly falls in love with Kazuma Sakuraba (Koji Seto), the son of a family of police officers.
She spends her days dreaming of a normal life whilst hiding her true identity.

Eventually her true identity is revealed to Kazuma,
and after overcoming many difficulties, the two accept their fate and get married.
Along with their new daughter Anzu, they manage to live happily,
despite the problems that arise between their two families.

Then one day, Hana’s father announces his plan to retire from thievery after an incident.
To make up for all the trouble he has caused Hana and Kazuma in the past,
he offers them a late honeymoon trip.
However, the trip actually turns out to be the last job of the “L Family”,
who are in search of the biggest treasure in history,
and it becomes a grand adventure that reveals a family secret that even Hana does not know…

Seeking family secrets and royal treasure,
to the Kingdom of Diebenburg!!

Radiation House The Movie / 劇場版ラジエーションハウス

Amakasu General Hospital’s Radiographer, Iori Igarashi, is having a tough time.
His darling, An Amakasu, has decided to go and study at a Washington Medical University to improve her Radiology skills.

“Only 72 hours left.”
His fellow workers in the Radiation House, do their best to keep Iori’s spirits up as he counts down the days until their farewell. Only Hirono Hirose, who has been keeping her own feeling for Iori quiet, struggles to decide where she is headed.

At the same time, they receive word that An’s father, Soichi, is in critical condition.
Soichi had been living on a remote island that previously had no doctors and was treating the islanders from his small clinic. Soon after, An arrives at her father’s side, he passes away, leaving her with his final wish that she “becomes a doctor who sees the patients, and not the illness.”

An decides to remain on the island for another day to take care of a patient her father had been treating before he had died, only for the island to be struck by a typhoon and a landslide, and a mysterious illness begins to spread through the population.

After hearing of An’s predicament, in order to protect his colleagues, and save the suffering islanders, Iori makes a shocking decision.

What does the future hold for everyone? Their “farewell” is fast approaching.
The team head towards their final sunset.

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