Fuji Creative Corporation(FCC) is a member of the FUJISANKEI COMMUNICATIONS GROUP, a media conglomerate consisting of 77 companies, 4 public-service corporations, 3 museums, and approximately 13,000 employees. We are developing various businesses related to media and content, including production, program distribution, rights, and related operations.

Business Activities

01Program Production

We have produced Fuji Television's variety programs such as "Run for Money," "Battle for Money," "World Report! Datsuryoku(Relaxation) News Network," as well as series dramas, special dramas, information programs, and video on-demand programs.

02Event Production

We have experience in the management and production of international events such as volleyball, judo, and marathons, as well as the production of various types of events such as live music, cultural, and arts-related events.

03International Coordination

Leave it to our Specialists to produce programs, films, and events in Japan. We can coordinate everything from studio and technical staff arrangements to satellite distribution to overseas broadcasters.

04Program Sales

We mainly sell programs broadcast by Fuji Television Network to Fuji Television affiliate stations and to broadcasters in areas where there are no affiliate stations. We sell a wide range of programs that many viewers can enjoy, including popular dramas and variety programs, as well as animation and programs commissioned by production companies.

05Overseas Sales

We distribute a variety of Fuji Television's animations, dramas, documentaries, and other content throughout the world. We will continue to be at the forefront of the IP (Intellectual Property) business.

06Channel Distribution

We have introduced a channel for cable stations nationwide, "Fuji Television One/Two/Next," a CS channel offering a variety of entertainment such as sports, variety, drama, etc.

07Contents & Rights Management

We are developing various operations such as metadata maintenance for Fuji Television's works, which are the basis of content and essential for secondary use, video editing for the on-demand service "FOD", content-linked advertisements, and SNS support.

08Branch Office Representation

We act as an agent for the Tokyo and Kansai branches of FNS affiliate stations "Sakuranbo TV" and "Kouchi Sansan TV". We take care of advertising space and perform important work that directly affects the sales of the broadcasters.



Corporate Profile

Company Name
Fuji Creative Corporation
Our Business
Production of TV programs (Planning and production of Dramas, Variety shows and Infotainment)
Production of Live events (Planning, organization and production of live events related to Sports, Culture and Entertainment)
Distribution of TV programs (Domestic and overseas sales)
Agency business for Tokyo and Osaka branches of Fuji Network System’s affiliate stations
Various services related to Licensing Business (Arrangement of metadata, Rights clearance, etc.)
Established on March 30, 1971
In 1995, Fuji Eight and Fuji Project were merged to form Fuji Creative Corporation.
480 million yen
Principal Stockholder
Fuji Media Holdings, Inc.
Annual Turnover
14.5 billion yen
DiverCity Tokyo OFFICE TOWER 18F, 1-1-20, AOMI KOTO-KU TOKYO
135-0064, JAPAN
TEL: +81-3(6865)1188
FAX: +81-3(6865)1946
Approximately 3 minutes from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line
Approximately 5 minutes from Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line


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