Mission: Infernal

Answer Like an Animal

The Hidden Camera Race

Barter Planet0


Genre: : Game / Factual

Clear the impossible and crazy missions, and you win the cash prize. The example of missions includes, Sky High Volley Shots, Mid-Air Karaoke, Eating Noodle in Zero Gravity, Put a Lei on a Kangaroofs Neck and many more!

Genre: Game / Education

A quiz game show where 2 teams fully embrace the spirit of wild animals and learn about their behavior in depth before going head-to-head. The featured animals are flamingo, tiger, woodpecker, gorilla, mole and more.


The Fairy and the Picky Kids

Resurrection Makeover

Medical Checkup Games



Genre: Factual / Food Education

Based on scientific fact, we cure children who are picky eaters. Using the power of the subconscious and bizarre techniques, the picky kids start liking the food naturally again.

Genre: Factual / Reality

With touching the most fundamental human emotions, we focus on resurrecting the dead, using special makeup. Our guests can realize their dreams that were cut short by their untimely death.


Referendum-Majority Rules!

Medical Checkup Games


Genre: interactive

A huge cash prize interacitve game show that allows TV viewers to participate in real time by voting with their cell phones. Whoever choses majority answer alongside the public for 20 questions in a row will win!


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