Survival Dodgeball

Goodbye, Beloved Home

TRun For Money

Modern Art vs. Rough Amateur Art


Genre: Game Show

Battle against the opponent teams and the Ninjas to survive this dodgeball based game show! 4 teams of 6 contestants face off in 8 different stages, each one being a variation of dodgeball. Not only do they have to eliminate opponents, but they also have to fight against the terrific Ninjas. Each team will loose or gain members throughout the different stages, but only the last standing one will get the price money!

Genre: Factual Entertainment

Say goodbye to your beloved house and make room for the demolition pro! After an emotional sequence in which people must say goodbye to their house, filled with good memories with their loved ones, the best demolition professionals come on the scene. In each episode, we introduce the latest demolition techniques while showing impressive footage of the process.


Little Presenter

How Strong is your Family Bond?

Carry On!

Desperate Last Resort


Genre: Mobile Reality Game Show

Learn about the world and current affairs through the eyes of a grade-schooler. In the manner of a TED talk, grade-schoolers are presenting at a conference in front of the studio audience and cameras. By interviewing specialists and visiting relevant places, they introduce the results of the research made by themselves on a particular thematic they were concerned with.

Genre: Prank Show

An emotional show in which family bonds are tested with funny hidden camera pranks. If recently you have some doubts about the affection of your relatives, this show is for you! We set up fake setting to test the feelings of your family members: will they help and support you in a predicament? For example, will your picky eating kid overcome his bad habits to save you from the aliens?



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