Answer Like an Animal


Answer Like an Animal
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Answer Like an Animal
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A quiz game show where 2 teams fully embrace the spirit of different wild animals and learn about their behavior in depth before going head-to-head.

FLAMINGO “One-Legged Quiz”
The questions come thick and fast, and you only have one leg to stand on.
TIGER “Jump to Receive Hints”
Spring into the air like a tiger and get hints for your trivia questions.
WOODPECKER “Quick-Beak Quiz”
Both teams must hammer away at the response button with their woodpecker beaks.
The first team to hit 100 times can answer!
GORILLA “Name That Tune with Drumming”
Each team must push the body-buttons in rhythm, imitating a gorilla pounding its chest.
MOLE “Take a Peek Quiz”
All team members will peek out from their mole hole to read the quiz questions.