To the Limit!


To the Limit!
Japanese Title
No. of Ep
Game Show/Sports Variety


On this show, challengers' limits are tested game after game. Individual players are given a chance to select the level of difficulty that they want for each game. Once a game is completed, the next rounds get continuously harder and harder--pushing players' to the limit! And there are plenty of penalty games waiting those players that fail ! !

Game Examples are:
1. Blow out the Candles--How many candles on a birthday cake can players blow out with one blow? 57, 80, 100, 130?
2. Slope Bowling--This is an all new take to bowling! The slope of the lane continues to get steeper and steeper as the game continues. 7, 15, 20 degree slopes.
3. The Vaulting Horse--The length of the vaulting horse continues to grow with each player's successful jump. 180 cm, 300 cm, 330 cm.
4. Diving with Plastic Bottles--How many bottles can players strap on and still be able to dive to the bottom of the pool? 12, 15, or more bottles?!
5. The Sliding Board--Players' must try to run up the sliding board as the angle increases. 50, 52, 60 degrees or more?!