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Panpi's Law
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A Quiz Show to Understand Ordinary People: No Preliminary Knowledge Required!
PANPI'S LAW is a quiz show in which contestants guess the behavior and thinking patterns of ordinary people. The facts about the Japanese people expressed in surprising figures, based on the questionnaire data completed by 10,000 people, are presented.
The Regular Stage (Rank the Facts)
Each of the two teams chooses a theme, and five "Facts" are presented to them based on the theme. Team members try to come up with the perfect "PANPI'S LAW" by guessing the percentage of people who answered "YES" to each "Fact" and sorting those five "Facts" in the right ranking order (the highest percentage as the top). Each team earns points for the "Facts" which are ranked in the right order, and the winning team receives a cash award.
The Bonus Stage (Double Up Casino Bonus)
Contestants guess the percentages of people who answered "YES" to the statements made about them, themselves. They receive tokens for the points they earned in the previous stage and put them on the table, which has a bar graph, to bet. If they guess wrong, they lose the tokens. However, this can be a "bonus chance" to double their tokens if they can guess right.
To win a cash award, they have to do well on guessing the mind-set of ordinary people. In other words, the key to the victory is how well they can figure out "PANPI'S LAW"!