The Pawn Kings


The Pawn Kings
Japanese Title
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Game Show/Sports Variety


The two "Kings" play checkers on a giant checker board. The six checkers have names written on them. They are the names of real-life warriors from various backgrounds, along with the names of both "Kings."
The "Kings" can move their checkers 1 space at a time. They can move them straight ahead, sideways, or diagonally. The warriors are called to battle when both "Kings" place a checker on the same space.
One of the six fields of battle is selected by a spin of the wheel. The checker with the name of the warrior who loses the battle is erased from the checker board.
The fields of battle are:
1. Mud wrestling
2. Boxing with oversized gloves
3. Sumo wrestling
4. Monkey bars
5. Basketball
6. Mud volleyball
How the game is played is often more important than the outcome in this sometimes comical, and at other times serious arena.