Werewolf: Who's the Liar ?

Barter Planet

The Hidden Camera Race

Barter Planet0


Genre: Interactive / Game

The popular party game turns into an entertainment TV game show! With the addition of cutting-edge interactive technology, viewers at home can also join in!

Genre: Travel / Game

Contestants go to a country that they know nothing about and have to travel to the goal with no money. All they got is goriginal goods from their home countryh and they have to barter them for food, transportation, lodging and more!


Medical Checkup Games


Medical Checkup Games



Genre: Game Show

Through unique games developed in collaboration with doctors, we discover symptoms of illnesses that you wouldnft notice in your everyday life. There are games for finding stroke, diabetes, aging ears, aging mouth etc.

Genre: Interactive Quiz

The next generation live quiz show made as simple as possible. The viewers play the leading role in this program, and they try to get the prize money utilizing real-time interactive system over PC or smartphones.


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