Hole in the Road

The Extreme Commute

TRun For Money

Modern Art vs. Rough Amateur Art


Genre: Factual / Game

The producer of the legendary format gHole in the Wallh is now introducing a brand-new hilarious format. Itfs now all outdoor, and contestants are invited to fake programs, reporting delicious dishes or singing a song, but suddenly get dropped into the holes made in the road.

Genre: Factual / Game

The employees have a time limit from the end of a working day till the start of the business hour next morning, and they compete to be the person who will do the most extreme experience: challenging 4 Olympic sports, making a marriage proposal abroad, bungee jumping, renovating own home etc.


The Borderline Quiz

The Foul King

Papa's Kitchen

Desperate Last Resort


Genre: Quiz show

A funny quiz show where two teams battle to draw correctly borderlines between groups of people based on their looks. As the questions can be tricky, each team has a chance to look closely for hints. Be careful, the mistakes may be embarrassing!

Genre: Game Show

How can an amateur topple a pro? By cheating of course! In various challenges amateur contestants will try to win against professionals by using foul tactics. However, despite using dirty tricks their victory is not guaranteed!



Iron Chef Kids

Custom-Made Format

Papa's Kitchen

Desperate Last Resort


Genre: Cooking Entertainment

The blockbuster around the world, Iron Chef is now ready for fierce cooking battle between talented kids! Through different missions and boot-camp, 36 kids will be eliminated into the winning one for the title of Iron Chef Kids!

Genre: Any possible genres

A new way to create formats! Fuji TV is now providing its unique expertise and knowledge to create the program that you desire. From the initial concept to production and art consultation, we help you through all the development phases of a successful format!


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